About The Artist

Charlton Demas is a Denver-based musician, teacher and performer known for his range in genre, multi-instrument proficiency and versatility, creative expression, and his charismatic professionalism. His enthusiasm and passion for music shines through on all forms of his music whether it be through bass, guitar, piano, drums or other, more obscure instruments. He affectionately identifies as a bassist, first.

Charlton's professional experience has led him to perform with bands in various cities across the midwestern United States as well as to perform as a solo artist for private events. While music performance is dear to him, he also composes original music for artists online whether they are geared strictly toward music or for other modes of art and media such as film and television scores, advertisements or YouTube videos. Music teaching is an occupation of pride for Charlton and he is equipped to do audio production work such as mixing, mastering and recording engineering.



What is MusicMan Music Lessons?

MusicMan Music Lessons is Charlton's own music school where he focuses on electric and acoustic guitar and bass guitar education for all skill levels. Piano, drums, may be offered as well depending on the student's skill level. 

Teaching Philosophy

As a musical 'lifer', Charlton has found abundant value in assuring his musical engagement is fun, passionate and exciting before venturing into the more dry or calculated music-study territories. There is a way to maintain the cherished qualities of music while learning it's more challenging parts. With this staple value, Charlton tailors his MusicMan custom curricula per student, minding their learning styles and preferences.  

Though private lesson's are taught and designed specifically for individual students of all ages, the school encourages and facilitates jams and performances by the students, for the students. Playing music with others allows you to develop confidence, improve your listening skills, and come face to face with how you fit in with a band.

The main goal is to teach students how to play music well, but more importantly, to love doing it. When a student loves playing they will do it more often and consequently, develop their musical fluidity. When paired with Charlton's instruction in more academic areas like music theory analysis and composition as well as improvisation and technique, MusicMan students will be prepared to take on the breadth of music opportunity in front of them.